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Tips on optimization
  • What about your web content?
  • How to make use of your image?
  • Title tag is very important.
  • Are keyword and description tags useful in SEO?
  • What you should not do when doing Search Engine Optimization?
  • Optimizing text hyperlinks is important,too.
  • How to Increase Link Popularity?
  • How to optimize the Dynamic website?
  • Insight in Search Engine Optimization.
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    Search Engine Optimization & Submission FAQs (2)
    10. Can search engines read images?
    --Answer: Search engines cannot read or index image files. You must use the Alt (alternative text) tag in your HTML code.
    11. List the three most important things I can do to improve website ranking on search engines.
    -- Answer: There really is no short answer - but if you were to limit yourself to three options, the most important ones would be:
    • Keyword popularity
    • Good content
    • Link popularity - the more web pages linking to your site, the easier it is for search engines to find and index your web pages and the better for your rank position.
    12. Why are the title tags important?
    --- Answer: The <title> tag within your HTML code is a considerable factor that search engines use to determine a page's contextual relevance. It also appears as the title for your site on many search engines. Use it wisely to attract attention to your search engine listing.
    .13. I've submitted my site to the search engines 2 weeks ago but I still do not see a listing? Why is this? Also, how long should I wait until I resubmit?
    -- Answer: You must be patient. Remember search engines and directories obtain thousands of submissions a day. The waiting period after submission is normally 1 - 3 months.Please do not submit numerous times during the period as you will be "Spamming" the search engines and could be penalized. If you have already waited 3 months, resubmitted and still see no improvement or results, Please e-mail us to help you.
    14. Do search engines read frames?
    -- Answer: Many search engines are not frame compliant and may not be able to navigate and index your site past the first page if your site does not have a non-frames option. The way to do this is to use a <noframes> tag within your HTML code.

    15. I've submitted my site to the search engines numerous times with no results. What do you suggest?
    -- Answer:
    • Improve your site's content offering.
    • Consider paid submission in our website.
    • Implement grassroots approaches to driving traffic to your web site. Browse the Publicize section of our web site for more information.
    • Start establishing link popularity through reciprocal linkages.
    • Advertise or purchase keywords on search engines if your marketing budget allows.
    • Take a look at the source code of sites that rank highly against your relevant keywords and find out what they are doing right!
    16. My web pages are dynamic (CGI scripts, ASP, PHP and database results). Can this affect my site's positioning on search engines?
    -- Answer: The best page is a straight HTML page. However, if the dynamic code is created correctly and used to write up good HTML code, these pages should be able to be indexed by MOST search engines.
    17. Do site developers have more control with optimization techniques on search engines or directories?
    -- Answer: Search engines allow for a bit more control as they are automated and through the use of optimization techniques, site designers have some influence over rank positioning against relevant keyword and site descriptions. On the other hand, with directories, their "surf teams" may edit your Meta info and categorize you as they feel most appropriate.
    18. Do you guarantee your work?
    --Answer: Yes. To see more details on our guarantee , please click here .
    If you have any more questions for our experts, feel free to Contact us .
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